Which Of The Following Options Are Available When You Select The Import Virtual Machine Wizard? (Correct answer)

What exactly is the Virtual Machine Import Wizard?

  • Importing a virtual machine registers it so that it may be utilized on the Hyper-V host after it has been successfully imported. It also assists you in correcting any incompatibilities that may arise while transferring from one host to another using the Import Virtual Machine wizard. Memory, virtual switches, and virtual processors are examples of actual hardware that differs from one another.


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Which of the following is the name of the process for moving an entire VM or parts of a VM to another physical server using a cluster?

***Quick Migration is the process of migrating a full virtual machine (VM) or components of a virtual machine to another physical server by utilizing a cluster of servers.

What is the primary purpose of using virtual machines?

The primary function of virtual machines (VMs) is to allow users to run several operating systems on the same piece of hardware at the same time. Without virtualization, running several operating systems — such as Windows and Linux — would need the purchase of two distinct physical devices.

Which feature is used to ensure that each component loaded during the boot process is digitally signed and validated?

Secure Boot is a server security feature that is implemented in the BIOS and does not necessitate the use of any extra hardware on the server. In order for Secure Boot to work, each component that is launched during the boot process must be digitally signed and the signature must be confirmed against a list of trustworthy certificates that are contained in the UEFI BIOS.

Which two files are used for every VM?

Formats for disks and specification files It is necessary to employ at least two separate files in order to store a virtual machine: a hard drive file, which is used to store all of the files that are needed within the VM, and a file that describes the virtual machine itself.

What is the name of the process in which the storage of a VM is moved from one physical server to another without a cluster group of answer choices?

It is possible to move a running virtual machine or application across various physical computers without having to shut down the client or program. The virtual machine’s memory, storage, and network connectivity are moved from the original guest computer to the destination system during the transfer process.

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Which are the different VM migration options?

Cold VM migration and live VM migration are the two forms of VM migration. Cold migration happens when the virtual machine is turned off. Live migration occurs while the virtual machine is still operational.

What are the different types of virtualization available?

Virtualization may be classified into seven types.

  • The following are examples of virtualization: operating system virtualization (also known as virtual machines)
  • application server virtualization
  • application virtualization.
  • administrative virtualization
  • network virtualization
  • hardware virtualization
  • storage virtualization.

What are virtual machines in what conditions do we use virtual machines?

Virtual machines (VMs) are capable of running several operating system environments on a single physical computer, therefore reducing space, time, and administrative expenses. Migration to a new operating system is made easier with virtual machines since they may run legacy programs on the old one.

Which of the following is a UEFI feature that allows only signed boot software to load?

Security features like as Secure Boot, created by the UEFI Consortium, are used to ensure that only immutable and signed software is loaded during the boot time of a computer.

Which of the following allows virtual machines to communicate on the network?

When a virtual computer is connected to a private network, it can only interact with another virtual machine on the same host. Internal network—this network is responsible for establishing communication between the host system and the virtual machines running on it. External network—this network links virtual machines to the physical network of the host computer.

Which of the following best describes resource monitoring Windows 2016?

Choose the one that represents Resource Monitoring in Windows Server 2016 the most accurately. One of the PowerShell-based features available is Resource Monitoring, which lets you to redistribute virtual machine resources.

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Which among the following is configuration file of VM?

VMware VMX files are the configuration files used by VMware guest operating systems to communicate with the host.

What does a configuration file for a virtual machine contain?

The.vmx file extension is associated with virtual machine configuration files, and it is the primary configuration file that provides information about the virtual machine settings, including RAM, network, mac address, hard drive, hardware version, and other relevant information.

Which virtual machine file contains the virtual disk information for a virtual machine?

VMware Workstation and VirtualBox both support the VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) file format, which is a container for virtual hard disk drives that may be used in virtual machines such as VMware Workstation and VirtualBox.

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