Which Of The Following Is Used To Provide Highly Available Virtual Machines? (Correct answer)

Where does one begin with virtual machines as highly accessible resources (ha)?

  • In this mode, you may set the cluster resource manager (RGManager) to manage virtual machines (guests) as highly available resources, allowing them to be managed as highly available resources. RHEV and Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability (HA) both provide ways for delivering high availability virtual machines.

Which permission must be granted to an account used to add nodes to a cluster of that account is not a domain administrator?

If the account does not have the Create Computer Objects permission in the domain, the account must have the Create Computer Objects permission in the domain.

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Which of the following will VM Monitoring attempt if a monitored VM is gracefully restarted?

In order to create highly available virtual computers, which of the following methods is used? If a monitored virtual machine is gently restarted on its current Hyper-V host and then fails again, which of the following would VM Monitoring attempt? Alternatively, you might move the VM to another cluster node and restart it there instead.

Which of the following describes what the priority value for the cluster role specifies group of answer choices?

Which of the following best represents the value specified by the priority value for the role in the cluster? The sequence in which roles are activated and deactivated.

How should you make a domain based DFS namespace highly available?

What is the best way to make a stand-alone DFS Namespace extremely reliable? To make the DFS Namespace server highly available, run the High Availability Wizard on the server.

Which of the following server roles are available on Server Core deployments?

An installation of Server Core on a server allows it to perform the following server functions: AD Domain Services (AD DS) Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) DHCP Server Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

How do you add full permissions to the DNS record for the cluster to the cluster computer object?

Select Add from the Security drop-down menu. The Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box will appear. In it, type the name of the user account or group to whom you wish to grant rights, and then click OK. Allow permissions to be granted to the user account or group that you have just created by selecting it and then selecting the Allow check box next to Full control. Click on the OK button.

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Which of the following quorum types is recommended for clusters with an odd number of nodes?

In clusters with an odd number of nodes, which sort of quorum is recommended? *** When there are an odd number of nodes in a cluster, the Node Majority quorum type is preferred. It has the ability to withstand failures of half the nodes (rounded up) minus one.

Which of the following describes how a storage device is typically assigned to a single cluster?

According to standard practice, which of the following explains how a storage device is normally assigned to a single cluster on a computer network? The cluster nodes must be linked to an Active Directory domain in order to function properly.

Which critical step should be performed before applying patches or updates?

Which important step should be completed prior to deploying patches or upgrades to your system? Ascertain that a reliable backup of the system and data files has been created.

What are the features of failover clustering improvements in Windows Server 2012 R2?

With the release of Windows Server 2012 R2, Failover Clustering provides expanded support in the following areas. Allows you to utilize vhdx files as shared storage in a guest cluster by enabling you to use. A Hyper-V host is enabled to live migrate running virtual machines if the computer is powered down.

What is failover clustering in Windows Server 2012?

Definition in a nutshell: Known as failover clustering, it is Microsoft’s version of the high availability cluster approach, which is used to ensure that applications and services are always available. Clustered servers, referred to as nodes, are used to offer services in the case that one of the nodes fails.

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How are heartbeats transmitted in a failover cluster configured on Windows Server 2016?

UDP port 3343 unicast is used for the transmission and reception of heartbeats (legacy clusters used UDP broadcast). In order to connect between nodes in the Windows Server 2016 Failover Cluster, a virtual network adapter known as the Microsoft Failover Cluster Virtual Adapter is used.

How do you replicate DFS namespace?

DFS Replication should be used to duplicate folder targets.

  1. DFS Management may be accessed by clicking Start, selecting Administrative Tools, and then clicking DFS Management. To duplicate a folder that contains two or more folder targets, right-click it in the terminal tree’s Namespaces node and select Replicate Folder from the context menu. To use the Replicate Folder Wizard, follow the on-screen directions.

What is DFS namespace?

It is possible to aggregate shared files that are placed on various servers into one or more logically structured namespaces using the DFS Namespaces role service, which is included in the Windows Server operating system.

How does DFS namespace work?

It is possible to aggregate shared folders that are hosted on separate servers into one or more logically structured namespaces using the DFS Namespaces feature. For users, each namespace appears as a single shared folder that has a hierarchy of subfolders. DFS Replication makes use of a compression technology known as remote differential compression to reduce the amount of data sent (RDC).

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