What Is The Opposite Of Virtual? (Solution)

Virtual implies hypothetical, conjectural, real, true, actual, genuine, authentic; virtual means virtual means virtual means Virtual and fake are diametrically opposed.

  • The following are synonyms for VIRTUAL: so-called
  • apparent
  • assumed
  • evident
  • ostensible
  • presumed
  • seeming
  • supposed
  • Actual, real, and true are all synonyms for VIRTUAL.

What is the opposite of virtual meeting?

Unlike virtual meetings, physical meetings were formerly held in which all participants gathered together in one location. Virtual meetings are the polar opposite of physical meetings.

What is the synonym of virtual?

1. We drove to the cottage in virtual quiet. effective, in effect, close, close enough, necessary, practical, for all practical purposes, to all intents and purposes, in all but name, indirect, implied, implicit, unrecognized, tacit.

What is Themeaning of virtual?

1: Having the essence or effect of a dictatorship despite the fact that it is not openly recognized or accepted 2: taking place on or replicated on a computer or computer network print or virtual books a virtual keyboard: for example, a virtual shopping mall that is mostly online.

Is real the opposite of virtual?

Due to the fact that a “virtual world” is characterized by its separation from the “real world,” rather than the other way around, it is best depicted by a Venn diagram (which I’ll leave to your imagination to fill in the blanks with).

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What is the opposite different?

The polar opposite of displaying a difference or not being the same. the same. the same as. the same as

What is the synonym and antonym of virtual?

The following words are synonyms for virtual: stated, stated and expressed; categorical; direct; perceptible; material; definite; developed; explicit. The following are synonyms for potential: inferred; constructive; practical; substantial; indirect; necessary; implied

What is the difference between virtue and virtual?

The distinction between virtual and virtuous as adjectives is that virtual is in effect or substance, if not in truth or actuality; it may be copied or replicated, but virtuous is full of virtue and has outstanding moral character, whereas virtual is not.

What is the difference between virtual and virtually?

Virtual is also used to refer to something that is mimicked or enhanced by computer software. This is the way the term is used in virtual reality, which refers to a completely simulated environment that may be explored. It is possible to construct a virtual representation or simulation of something using a computer, which is known as virtual rendering.

What is Tagalog of virtual?

Translation from English to Filipino In other words, it is a virtual world. Virtually speaking: virtually speaking. Pronunciation: Favorite this adverb: in the context of katunayan, totoo, tunay, in the context of katotohanan Virtual – virtual – virtual – virtual – virtual – virtual The term “virtual” refers to the absence of a physical object. Virtually: sa katunayan (in a virtual sense).

Is non virtual a word?

computing as an adjective, object-oriented programming as a programming paradigm This is not a virtual world.

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