How To Use Blizzcon Virtual Ticket?

Was there anything extra you got with your BlizzCon Virtual Ticket?

  • The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket includes an assortment of commemorative extras to help you get into the show spirit in-game, including items for World of Warcraft®, Overwatch®, Hearthstone®, StarCraft® II, Heroes of the Storm®, and Diablo® III—as well as some surprises that will be revealed in the coming weeks.

How do I redeem my BlizzCon Virtual Ticket?

Utilize the App to Redeem Your Code.

  1. From the Games tab, select any game and then click the Redeem a Code button located beneath the logo of that game. Select Services from the Shop tab, and then Redeem a Code from the drop-down menu.

How does BlizzCon Virtual Ticket work?

The Virtual Ticket provides access to a front row seat at BlizzCon from the comfort of one’s own couch, in real time and high resolution. Additionally, they will receive extensive coverage of both days of the event, including panels, contests, interviews, the closing ceremony, and more, as well as some nice commemorative in-game items.

Do you need a virtual ticket to watch BlizzCon?

BlizzCon 2021 Virtual Tickets are now available. Because this year’s event will be entirely online, you will not be required to purchase a Virtual Ticket in order to participate. All BlizzCon 2021 activities will be available for free viewing!

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Do I need a ticket for BlizzCon 2021?

Fans will be able to watch the whole BlizzCon 2021 convention for free, without the need to purchase a virtual ticket in advance.

How do I stream BlizzConline?


  1. is the official Blizzard Entertainment website. World of Warcraft Channel at
  2. Blizzard on YouTube: Blizzard. YouTube has a World of Warcraft channel, while has a Diablo channel. Diablo may be seen on YouTube, while the Hearthstone channel can be found on YouTube: PlayHearthstone
  3. Overwatch Channel
  4. Strategy Channel

What time is BlizzConline?

BlizzCon 2021 (also known as BlizzConline) will take place on February 19th and 20th in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the first day, the show will run around 4 hours, beginning at 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm GMT and concluding at 6pm PT/9pm ET/2am GMT on the second day.

Where is BlizzCon 2021 held?

It is customary for BlizzCon to take place in November at the Anaheim Convention Center, which is located near Blizzard’s offices in Irvine, California. The inaugural fan convention was held in 2005, and it was the first of its kind. Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, Diablo Immortal, and Diablo 2: Resurrection are among the games in Blizzard Entertainment’s presently stated gaming lineup.

Will BlizzConline be recorded?

Pre-recorded and live footage of panels and events will be available on the site, which will include up to six video channels. BlizzCon 2021 will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube, as well as other platforms. After the event, the video panels will be accessible for viewing on demand for the remainder of the year.

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Is BlizzCon 2020 free?

Blizzcon 2020 has been postponed till next year, and it has been announced that it will take place online on February 19-20, 2021. BlizzcOnline is the moniker that has been given to the game. The event will be free to watch and participate in because “we want it to be a big virtual celebration,” says the organizers.

How much is the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket?

Last year, a virtual ticket that gave you access to everything cost $50.

What announced BlizzCon 2021?

Hearthstone will receive its own Warcraft-themed expansion, Forged in the Barrens, as well as a new game mode, Mercenaries, which will be unveiled at BlizzCon 2021 in Anaheim, California. The Year of the Gryphon will officially begin with the release of the forthcoming expansion, which contains 135 new cards.

Will there be a BlizzCon 2022?

BlizzCon 2022 has been postponed. True enough, Blizzard has announced that the smaller, online version of BlizzCon (appropriately dubbed BlizzConline) will not be taking place in early 2022 as originally planned. This will be the third BlizzCon to be postponed, following the cancellations of the 2020 and 2021 in-person events, respectively.

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