How To Move The Boulder On Virtual Villagers? (Solution found)

In order to locate the hidden site, you must first put a master builder. This challenge necessitates the use of Level 3 of Construction as well as Level 3 of Science. The Golden Child will move the rock that is blocking the entrance to the cave, but only when it is ready to do so; you cannot compel it to do so if it is not ready.
In Minecraft, how do you persuade the people to move the boulder?

  • It’s typical of them not to go right away (they’ll take a few steps back and shake their heads), but they should keep trying until one of them begins heading over to the lagoon. If you want to move the boulder, you must have the golden kid on your side.

How do you get rid of the rocks in virtual villagers?

It’s typical of them not to go right away (they’ll take a few steps back and shake their heads), but they should keep trying until one of them begins heading over to the lagoon. You must have the golden kid in order to move the boulder.

  1. Look for a rocky outcropping adjacent to two palm palms in the southwest part of the screen, which is covered with moss. Drag an adult over to the location to remove the rocks. You can utilize more than one villager to expedite the procedure if you want to. Once the area has been cleaned, you will need to transport four hot stones to the location.
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How do you move the stone In Virtual Villagers 4?

Seek out a little mound of stones in the bottom left corner of the bridge leading to the lab. Using the stones, drag an adult and they will drag them to the fire. The stone will be transported to the lab pot after it has reached a red hot temperature by dragging an adult to it.

How do you move the rocks in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

The villagers must be skilled or master builders in order to qualify. To locate the other Kraken’s eye, look for another rock to the east of the island, adjacent to the enormous tree, and follow the path it leads to it. The rock is located beneath the reeds. Drag a villager to this rock, and it will be whisked away directly to the statue of the Kraken.

What do you do with the rock in virtual villagers?

Bring a builder to the gleaming rock on the west side of the settlement, and they will chisel away at the rock to make an idol for the people of the village.

What is the golden child in virtual villagers?

The Golden Child possesses a number of critical abilities that are not available to any other villagers. The magical ability to make food, regrow berries on a berry bush, and repair crops in an agricultural region has been revealed to him by the faeries.

What does Giant Head mean in virtual villagers?

The Head of a Giant. This spell increases the size of the villagers’ heads. Master Constructor. The villagers learn to construct structures to a high level of proficiency.

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How do you get the butterfly puzzle in Virtual Villagers 4?


  1. In the bottom of the creek, just below the blackberry bush, look for a dried plant. The dry plant will begin to recuperate when you have solved the Stream problem. Drag a villager to the plant after it has become green and they will cut the leaves for you. Butterfly appearances and plant sap covering the villagers’ clothing are inevitable outcomes.

How do you rescue the frogs In Virtual Villagers 4?


  1. Consider the area to the right of the stairwell leading up the cliff. When it rains, you will see a pool of water appearing in this location, as well as the appearance of frogs. Pulling an adult frog onto the frogs will cause them to carry one to the tree. Continue in this manner until a total of six frogs have been saved.

How do you finish the stew In Virtual Villagers 4?

It is necessary to have 20 villagers. Prepare a stew by combining fresh water and three fragrant flowers in a pot. To complete the stew, add some leftovers from the food bin to the pot.

What age do villagers stop having babies?

When villagers reach the age of majority, they are able to reproduce (age 18 up). The ability to produce children will be lost for a female villager if she reaches the age of 50.

How do you unblock the creek in virtual villagers?

A villager must be dragged to the mound of boulders that is impeding the flow of water from the stream. Once the obstruction has been removed, the water will flow into a glittering lagoon, which your villagers will be able to utilize for a variety of labor and recreational activities.

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How do you get the ruby in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Flowers may be collected from the pollinated shrub on the right side of the Kraken monument. Bring flowery strands to the tree for decoration.

  1. Fire up a container of water from the Crafting Hut, revealing a diamond, then transport it to the statue. Jump Potion may be used to transport rubies to the statue. Make use of Chief to sketch down some blueprints and construct the blue statue.

How long does it take to clean up the beach on Virtual Villagers?

Make use of two or three villagers who are already builders. Increase the game speed by a factor of two. Once they are in-game, they will voluntarily proceed to ‘cleaning the debris’ at least three times before exiting. After 2 hours, restart the game and you should be finished.

What is a Level 3 harvester in virtual villagers?

People are able to collect blueberries at the beginning of the game. inhabitants are able to cultivate and harvest crops at the second level of development Level 3: The villagers have the ability to fish for food.

Is there a virtual villagers 6?

This game, titled Virtual Villagers, was a simulation game developed by Last Day of Work that was first launched back in 2006.

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