How To Listen To Virtual Audio Cable? (Solution)

Select “Device Properties” for your microphone by going to System > Sound choices on your computer. After that, select “Additional Device Properties” from the drop-down menu. Then select the “Listen” option from the drop-down menu. Select “Listen to this Device” from the drop-down menu.
What is the best way to record audio utilizing a virtual audio cable?

  • Pick the Playback tab, right-click on the Cable Input, and then select the “Set as Default Device” option from the context menu. Alternatively, you can simply pick the CABLE INPUT option by clicking on the Speaker icon in the Taskbar of Windows on the right side of the screen (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). Step 5: Record audio with the use of a virtual audio wire.

How do I listen to cable inputs?

To complete your configuration, right-click on this cable and select Properties. Then select the Listen tab from the drop-down menu. Upon arriving at the page, you’ll want to check the box labeled “Listen to this device,” after which you’ll pick your preferred headset or speakers through which you’d like to hear your audio.

Can I use OBS as a mic?

Install Virtual Audio Cable and configure it as your monitor in OBS. In OBS, configure your sources to’monitor and output’, then configure virtual audio cable as your microphone in Zoom (optional). To transmit your video, connect to the OBS Virtual Cam. You should be fine to go at this point!

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How do I get audio from OBS?

If nothing else is specified, OBS Studio will send the monitor audio to the default playback device by default. To change the monitoring output device, visit the OBS Studio settings and select the Audio tab from the drop-down menu. Locate Monitoring Device and then choose the audio device that will be used to play back the monitored audio.

What is audio repeater?

When you use Audio Repeater, you may transfer (copy) sounds from one audio endpoint/device to another (in this case, from one that records to one that plays back). It implies that if the endpoint is being utilized by the Windows Audio Subsystem, it will not be able to be accessible by the Repeater, and the reverse is true. Audio Repeater is a device that is primarily intended for use with Virtual Audio Cable.

Does OBS virtual cam output audio?

The correct audio stream is currently available in OBS. It only has to be included in the Virtual Camera output along with the video, and everything should be up and running without issue.

Is VB cable free?

for both the MAC and the Windows For the purpose of connecting two applications together! A Player to a Recorder is a formalized euphemism. Simply go here to download and sample the first VB-CABLE for free. VB-Audio Additional Virtual Cables (VB-Audio Additional Virtual Cables) Get up to four more virtual audio cables so that you may link more apps to one another!

What is better than VoiceMeeter?

Audio recorders and audio routers are the most common choices. Soundflower is the most suitable option because it is both free and Open Source. Other excellent alternatives to VB-Audio VoiceMeeter include JACK Audio Connection Kit (free, open source), VB-Audio Virtual Cable (freemium), BlackHole (free, open source), Virtual Audio Cable, and JACK Audio Connection Kit for Windows (Paid).

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