How To Get Food Virtual Villagers 5? (Best solution)

Start with two Tempest spells that are immediately followed by each other. This will quickly fill the lake with water. Then, when you’ve re-charged your batteries, cast the Revive magic to bring the fish back to life. Restocking the Lake will provide your people with enough food to last them for the duration of Virtual Villagers 5’s campaign.
What is the purpose of food in Virtual Villagers 5?

  • It also makes you more effective at persuading heathens to your way of thinking. There are five main forms of food in Virtual Villagers 5: gray mushrooms, red mushrooms, crops, noni fruit, and fish. Gray mushrooms are the most common sort of food. A sufficient supply of food is required for the development and maintenance of a bigger population of villages.

How do you get food in Virtual Villagers 4?

If you bring an unsuspecting villager onto the palm, they will shake down a fruit, cook it over an open fire, and then transport it to the food bin. There is an endless supply of yellow fruits, but harvesting is time-consuming and does not provide a significant amount of food.

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How do you get the lake in Virtual Villagers 5?


  1. The Tempest spell should be used after the Hollow Totem has been disassembled in order to generate little puddles at the lake. Once the rain has stopped, repeat the spell one more time to ensure that the lake is completely filled.

How do you get a hungry totem?

A set of steps leads up to the Hungry Totem, which is situated between the fenced-in area and the noni bush. There is one orange-masked heathen who is keeping watch over the totem pole. Alternatively, you might employ a villager to entice the heathen away from the totem, or you could use Bees to chase him away and then assign other villagers to begin removing the totem yourselves.

How do you get lightning in Virtual Villagers 5?

Continue collecting relics, converting heathens, and bearing children until you have accumulated 100 Divine Energy points. The Lightning spell becomes available as a result of this. Release the lightning spell on the totem in order to scare away the guards and free the prisoners. Then drop your adults on the totem in order to demolish it as quickly as possible.

Is there a virtual villagers 6?

This game, titled Virtual Villagers, was a simulation game developed by Last Day of Work that was first launched back in 2006.

How do you finish the stew In Virtual Villagers 4?

It is necessary to have 20 villagers. Prepare a stew by combining fresh water and three fragrant flowers in a pot. To complete the stew, add some leftovers from the food bin to the pot.

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How do you get master builders in Virtual Villagers 5?

It is placed near the Blocking Totem, on the southern end of the settlement, where the Heathen Master Builder may be found. You must challenge the Heathen Builder to a build-off competition if you want to convert him or her. Because the Heathen Builder is quite quick, you’ll need to use the Time Warp God Power (500 energy) to defeat them.

How do you make purple masked heathens?

To convert them, you must do the following:

  1. Assist The Sick Heathen with his recovery from his illness. A Master Scientist villager should be used to impress the Heathen Master Scientist at least three times (The Heathen Scientist). Repair the aqueduct for the Heathen Master Farmer (also known as “The Farm”)

How do you tear down a rainbow totem?

Affect two of your communities to go obtain the red and yellow dyes, and they’ll be responsible for putting them in the water baths. When the water at the baths begins to turn orange, the bathing heathens will exit the water immediately. At this time, designate one of your towns to begin disassembling the Rainbow Totem as soon as possible.

How do you dismantle the knowing totem in Virtual Villagers 5?

If you want to assign your villagers to demolish the structure, you must first cast the Lightning God Power on the heathens who are protecting it, causing them to flee. Drop your people on top of the totem to begin demolishing it as soon as possible. The heathens, on the other hand, are fast to return, and it may be necessary to repeat the same cycle a few more times.

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How do you get tech points in Virtual Villagers 5?

Tech Points are acquired by placing a villager on the Research Bench in your town and doing research with him or her.

How do you remove heathens from firewood?

If you slowly hover the villager you are using to entice them away over their heads, all of the villagers who are being lured away will come to a complete halt just under the villager you are working with.

How do I get rid of blocking totems?

Because dismantling the Blocking Totem takes longer than dismantling the other totems, having a large number of master builders is advantageous. The heathens will eventually return to fix the totem, so follow the same routine one more time to ensure that it is properly repaired. Continue to follow the same steps until the totem has been completely destroyed.

Is Virtual Villagers on steam?

Villagers in the Virtual World Have a New Home on Steam! Take care of and nurture a tribe of small people by teaching them the fundamentals of survival and self-reliance.

How do you get a job on virtual families 3?

One of the most important ways to make money in Virtual Families 3 is to encourage your small ones to pursue their chosen professions. Besides that, there are additional methods to get money, such as completing Goals, which give coins for each one that is completed successfully. Many of them may be done very early in the game, resulting in a significant amount of cash swiftly amassed.

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