How To Get Ants In Virtual Families 2? (Perfect answer)

Check to see if the small dots (the ants) are following a trail along the kitchen floor. Drag one of your family members (a youngster 14 years or older, or a parent) over to the brown jar and place it there (a cinnamon jar). They will transport it to the workshop where it will be prepared for the spray.
What is the best way to get rid of ants in Virtual Families 2?

  • Check to see if the small dots (the ants) are following a trail along the kitchen floor. Make certain that a brown container (by the sink) and orange peels are available (by the trash and recycling bins) Drag one of your family members (a youngster 14 years or older, or a parent) over to the brown jar (a cinnamon jar) and place it there.

Does Virtual Families 2 end?

If you’re playing Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House, the game doesn’t truly come to a conclusion in the traditional sense of the word. The game will inform you that your family has been lost and that you must select someone new if the adults pass away without leaving any heirs to inherit the house and financial account.

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How long do they live in virtual families 2?

Every two hours, your small family will advance one year in age (real time). They usually die around their 60s, however they have been known to die in their late 50s. Without changing the time on your smartphone, you may be starting a new generation every 5 to 7 days unless you modify the time on your device, which would cause them to age fast.

How long does it take for a baby to grow in Virtual Families 2?

Virtual Families 3 depicts the infant being held by his or her mother (and/or father in Virtual Families 3) for the first two years (in real time, 4 hours after the baby is born). After that, the baby will grow into a kid, and the mother will be able to resume her professional life.

Who is the ghost in virtual families 3?

She appears in Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home in the role of the Little Girl. The Little Girl is a strange ghost kid that emerges from time to time in Virtual Families 3 to haunt the house and frighten the inhabitants.

What happens when you send your kid to boarding school in Virtual Families 2?

She appears in Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home as a young girl named Little Girl. In Virtual Families 3, the Little Girl is a mystery ghost kid that visits from time to time to haunt the house.

How often do marriage proposals come in virtual families?

Proposals for Marriage If you do not accept that proposition, another one will be presented in approximately 45 minutes. It’s likely that you’ll receive a fresh proposal every 24 hours if that one is likewise turned down. Please submit a ticket if you are not receiving marriage offers and your game is not paused. We will investigate the situation and respond as soon as possible.

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What’s the highest career level on Virtual Families 2?

Starting out at level 1 (Beginner), your young one’s wage will gradually grow as they climb through the ranks of their profession until they reach level 8. (Master).

At what age do virtual families stop having babies?

There is no specific age at which couples are no longer able to have children. The reality, though, is that babies born to couples in their 50s and beyond will be rare, despite the fact that they can still adopt a kid in the game’s world.

What is the oldest age in Virtual Families 2?

In general, you will die around the age of 65, but it is possible that you may die at an earlier age if you do not properly care for your children (for example, if you allow them to hunger, do not allow them to sleep frequently, or even if you overwork them).

Can you remarry in virtual families?

The initial spouse of a childless widowed individual in Virtual Families is replaced on the family tree, and any children that they may have later on are recorded as their offspring in that generation. It is necessary to operate in this manner in order to maintain the data structure of the family tree.

What are the 9 behaviors Virtual Families 2?


  • Hurling pebbles
  • slamming plates together! tearing up books
  • jumping on the bed
  • strewing garments all over the floor
  • I’m envious of the new baby. Taking Santa’s sweets
  • breaking decorations
  • stealing Santa’s cookies

What happens when you evict Virtual Families 2?

The “Evict” button may be accessed by selecting “Menu” and then “Settings” from the main menu. It will be shown next to the “Done” button until it is used, at which point it will be hidden. If it remains unused, it will be lost when your family passes down to the second generation.

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How do you open the shed in virtual families?

To open the shed, you must first pull a person above the age of 14 into the sandbox where the gold doorknob is located, and they will then go mend the shed. After you’ve inserted the doorknob, drag your companion across the “Welcome” doormat, and he’ll proceed to unlock the shed.

How do you fix the bathroom sink in Virtual Families 2?


  1. Take an adult or a youngster above the age of 14. There are tools available in the workshop room. Drop your adult or child above the age of 14 on top of the tools/toolbox until the message “Fixing sink/toilet/shower” appears. Following the completion of your adult or kid over the age of fourteen, they will return to their regular activities:)

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