How To Fish In Virtual Villagers? (TOP 5 Tips)

Once you have completed your studies in agricultural science, you will be able to fish in the ocean. It will happen every now and then that the animation of a villagers bringing back food would be a crab rather than a fish.

  • Your villagers will be able to catch fish in the water if you have reached Level 3 Farming technology in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 if there is no trash floating about. You may force your villagers to catch fish by pulling them to the ocean
  • occasionally, they will capture crab as a result of your actions.

How do you start fishing in Virtual Villagers 4?


  1. To fix the piers, you’ll need to drag an adult there. It will take many dry woods to restore them to their original condition. After the piers have been restored, it is necessary to drag an adult to them. The material will be used to repair the fishing nets, which will be donated to them. The technique should be repeated until the nets are mended. By pulling an adult to the piers, you may now catch fish.
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How do you get a villager to fish?

The locals will hold a modest gathering to commemorate the occasion. In the lagoon, place a level 3 farmer to fish for a while. After a bit, he will appear with a fish in his hand. The locals will now be able to catch fish and place it in the food bins, which will help to alleviate hunger.

How do you start fishing in Virtual Villagers 2?

Steps. Get two Master Farmers and a Master Scientist to the pond and drop them both in simultaneously. Their mission is to capture algae-eating fish and transport them to the ocean. It will be possible to fish again after a sufficient number of algae-eating fish have been transferred to the ocean from the river system.

How do you hunt the strange fish in virtual villagers?

Construction of a new hut for the folks to dwell in. It is necessary to hire a person who has been trained in construction. Clear up the trash and debris from the beach so that the residents may go fishing. Simply transport the villager to the location and direct him to begin cleaning.

How do you get tech points on Virtual Villagers?

Points of Interest in Technology The villagers can gain Tech (Technology) points by doing research at the table directly below the long hut on the right. When a villager does research, the more experience he or she gains, the higher their level (Trainee, Adept, and Master) and the more Tech Points they earn.

How do you get rid of the rocks in Virtual Villagers Origins?


  1. Look for a rocky outcropping adjacent to two palm palms in the southwest part of the screen, which is covered with moss. Drag an adult over to the location to remove the rocks. You can utilize more than one villager to expedite the procedure if you want to. Once the area has been cleaned, you will need to transport four hot stones to the location.
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Can you get fish from villagers?

Fisherman villagers now sell 6 cooked fish for 1 emerald + 6 raw fish in exchange for 1 emerald plus 6 raw fish. Raw fish is now available as a rare drop from guardians and elder guardians, as well as from other sources.

What do fishermen villagers need?

Cartographer: Deals with maps, compasses, banners, and patterns, among other things. Clerical items include ender pearls, redstone, and enchanting/potion materials, among others. Farmer: A farmer is someone who trades in food and crops. Fisherman: He trades fish and campfires for other stuff. 6

How do you raise the Kraken in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

The villagers must be skilled or master builders in order to qualify. To locate the other Kraken’s eye, look for another rock to the east of the island, adjacent to the enormous tree, and follow the path it leads to it. The rock is located beneath the reeds. Drag a villager to this rock, and it will be whisked away directly to the statue of the Kraken.

How do you build the dam in Virtual Villagers 2?


  1. Plant a master farmer on the soft soil that appears to the east and south of the location were the Kraken was. Aim to collect around 5-10 pieces of redwood. Tow the master builder and another villager to the makeshift dam in the creek by the apple tree, where they may rest.

What is the golden child in virtual villagers?

The Golden Child possesses a number of critical abilities that are not available to any other villagers. The magical ability to make food, regrow berries on a berry bush, and repair crops in an agricultural region has been revealed to him by the faeries.

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How long does it take to clean up the beach on Virtual Villagers?

Make use of two or three villagers who are already builders. Increase the game speed by a factor of two. Once they are in-game, they will voluntarily proceed to ‘cleaning the debris’ at least three times before exiting. After 2 hours, restart the game and you should be finished.

How do you clear the lagoon on Virtual Villagers?

In order to complete this problem, your villagers will need to have completed Level 2 of Construction research. A villager must be dragged to the mound of boulders that is impeding the flow of water from the stream. Once the obstruction has been removed, the water will flow into a glittering lagoon, which your villagers will be able to utilize for a variety of labor and recreational activities.

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